Use a Former Social Security Disability Judge To Get You the Disability Benefits You Need And Deserve


The surprising and sad reality is that many individuals deserving of social security disability benefits are denied when they first apply.

Don’t give up! A majority who appeal and go before a Disability Judge will win, especially if they have a Disability Lawyer.

Benefits stamped deniedIndividuals appealing with an accomplished and knowledgeable disability lawyer, significantly increase their odds of success at the hearing level. Disability Judges have a heavy caseload. It is critical that your case be presented in a coherent, efficient, and persuasive manner. It is important to be effective with the limited time you have before the Judge.

How your case is presented by your legal representative will often be the deciding factor in the Judge’s decision. The Judge needs to understand you and what you are really going through. Usually the medical notes don’t tell the whole story. And the fact is the Judges are burdened with hundreds of cases and their time is very limited. The hearing is the critical time for your story to be told in a concise, coherent, and relevant  manner so that the Judge will really understand how your medical condition has disabled you.

Stamp of approval of benefits

Because we know our clients, and have extensive experience in Disability Hearings, we will use all of our experience inside the system to present your case in a persuasive manner.

With over 20 years of experience in disability hearings, Dugan Disability Law provides your consultation FREE! No fee for representation unless we WIN!

Get The Skills, Experience And Knowledge Of A Former Social Security Disability Judge On Your Side! This is a critical time for you and your family. Don’t go it alone. We want to help.

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