social security disability benefits helpSocial Security Disability Benefits Help For You: Dugan Disability Law Firm Clients’  Had Very Positive Experiences

“To become physically disabled, to the point that you have to abandon a prized, fulfilling career will leave a normally strong, assured, “I can do this” person vulnerable. There is something about filing a claim acknowledging the disability that is confusing to accept.

Initial steps to file the disability claim are daunting. Most lawyer advertising is aimed at those refused a claim, so it leaves you to believe that the task must be time consuming and ongoing.

Having trouble meeting my daily routine I put off filing until it became clear, I needed to participate in the system I paid into my entire career for a reason other than retirement.

I didn’t know if someone would even help me file on my initial application.  Apparently,  I could do it online myself but physically I no longer could be depended upon to complete tasks or meet deadlines,

I needed guidance.  I found Kevin Dugan during many Google searches about disability lawyers and their credentials.

The first thing I noticed about Kevin is that he was a judge. Someone who has seen all sides of this process and tell me clearly what to do.  He was local too so if we needed him to come to me that would be simple.

Upon meeting Kevin for the first time he listened to me and my concern with my ability to file.  He thoroughly explained the option to file on my own and how the government could help if I needed. He went over the choice of representation and what he would provide when filing from start to completion. Even for a person who knows they need help it is still good to have informed options in front of me.

Beyond the forms being filed, Kevin was genuinely interested in the person sitting there, from my past career to the life changing effects of the rare disease that I now live with.  There was a familial feel to him and his office that both my husband & I left feeling the correct choice was made.

Kevin checked in periodically to update me, see if I had any questions and how I was.  He also was kind enough to alert me upon my approval.

When your life involves a disability you feel grateful finding a specialist who you trust with the responsibility over parts of your health.  I would explain finding Kevin in the same way regarding any part of the SSD process.”

L.Y., Broward County, Florida

“Kevin Dugan, Esq. represented me in a disability claim after a terminal diagnosis. Kevin is not just an outstanding attorney with a past career as a Social Security Federal Judge, but he is a humanist. He genuinely cares about his clients. He is the most outstanding, highly moral person I have known and has a great knowledge base from his years as a disability judge. He has taken his representation of the law and made it a personal calling to help others in need.

I have 3 degrees and a professional license and have handled clients myself. I have dealt with many professionals in my career and he is exceptional. I invited him to speak at my church to help others having health challenges. The husband of a woman there had filed for disability 3 years ago and been denied. This couple has children and had been unable to afford to have help in their household because of not having funds. If she had known about Kevin 3 years ago, this would not have happened.

Kevin at one point came to my home because I was unable to go to his office. He goes the extra step time and time again. He was able to get my permanent disability claim approved in two weeks.  He was able to achieve significant back benefits, but saw an opportunity for additional back benefits and is again, taking the extra step, filed an appeal.

I highly recommend Kevin Dugan to others. He has my unequivocal recommendation. If you need a knowledgeable disability attorney who cares about his clients and goes the extra step for them, than one could do no better than Kevin Dugan.”

David W Turner, CPA, MBA, MS, BSBA, Florida

Kyle, claimant and wife Debbie from Pensacola, FL received a favorable decision at the initial level and did not have to go to a hearing.

“We had tried enlisting the assistance of disability lawyers in Pensacola where we live but found that they were not interested in helping us until after we filed our disability claim. We needed help prior to filing the claim.  We found Kevin Dugan via the online directory for attorneys: Kevin responded and was very helpful from our first conversation.

We were naturally concerned about sharing our personal information including social security number, etc. with a professional we had never met. Thankfully, we quickly felt comfortable that Kevin was completely trustworthy. He guided us through the entire process: what doctors’ appointments to make, the potential need for additional evaluations and most importantly, his advice… to be calm, do what the agency tells you to do, give them the information they ask for and be honest.

Kevin’s experience as a disability judge was very beneficial to us since he knows the entire process and he helped us throughout that process. He was always honest with us, very professional and compassionate. We believe we had a faster turnaround of our claim because of him.

I think we may have driven him crazy with the number of phone calls and the number of questions we had almost every day. He was very responsive taking our calls or returning our calls within an hour. He prepared us for all the potential outcomes.

Our positive results were because of Kevin and we are incredibly grateful to have had him on our side during this challenging time in our lives.”

”I had a quadruple bypass operation in November and the hospital filed for disability for me but I was denied. I had been servicing customers’ pools for 20+ years.  My job was very physical and included carrying equipment.  Unfortunately, I had another heart attack in June and then a third in September.  Having 3 heart attacks in one year left me doing my best to recuperate. I felt I wasn’t being listened to at the disability office. To make things worse, my wife and I had to deal with a house fire and my wife lost her job.

I only had two days left to file an appeal when I found Kevin Dugan’s website online.  I had spoken with another attorney but felt more comfortable with Kevin.  It’s not often you meet someone who actually loves what he does and follows through.  And Kevin did.

I went through all my medical records with Kevin giving him the explanations of what happened and when.  He always answered my questions and returned calls in a timely fashion.  Because of my condition he requested dire need status for me to get my case heard quicker.

I was assigned a court date for a hearing and won my case!

I now recommend Kevin to others needing help with their disability claims.”

Martin, Coral Springs, Florida

After I was fed up with attorney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…I post a question on AVVO and more than ten attorneys responded. I want to thank them all. I contacted attorney D.Kevin Dugan. His secretary answered and transferred to him. We spoke about 15-20 minutes on the phone then we set an appointment. I met him in person and he spent an hour with me asking me about my conditions, my medical records, medications and all other information needed. He explained to me how the hearing before an SSD judge works. Mr. Dugan asked me many questions to see if my case had merit.  He accepted the case and game me his cell phone number, his email address and said to call him any time. I contacted him 2 days later with a question and he responded immediately. Then I sent him an email to inform hima bout a new medication that my cardiologist gave me and my new MRI. He responded within an hour and it was on SUNDAY!!! I trust him and I will recommend my friends and family. Thank you  to Mr. Dugan and thank you AVVO.”

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“I don’t want to be afflicted with sickness and disease, and every morning, I pray for a day with less pain and fewer memory problems; a day with normal vision and less stress.

I like what T.D. Jakes said- when you’re having a rough day, (for me, my compromised health with MS) use bible verse from Deut. 33:2 :”as thy days are, so shall thy strength be.”

Where Paul says “I glory in tribulation, is an indication of the grace I have to overcome the situation. He wouldn’t let me go thru it if he hadn’t qualified me to handle it, which means the tougher the day, the greater the strength; the harder the test, the greater the power. His blessed word strengthens me daily.

Most people don’t know what it is like to have an affliction that meets you daily, in addition to, having to face the stressful process of a disability hearing. It would not be easy under any circumstances.

I had been praying for a while, to be blessed to find a disability attorney, and when leaving church service, I picked up a copy of the God Newspaper and came across Kevin Dugan’s ad.

I called him and advised him of my issue and what I needed. We talked, although he was busy, he stated that he would like to meet with me in his office. When we were done, he pleasantly blessed me, and advised me that he would take my case. I thought, God once again has answered my prayers from his word in Matt. 7:7, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. God is so faithful.

Previously, I couldn’t find any attorney to take my case, but god blessed me with finding Dugan Disability. Regardless of how busy he was in his life, he was always compassionate and patient with me. He exudes an aura of being in control because he is so knowledgeable.  He is a professional who knows what I was going through and what I would have to deal with.

He took something that is naturally intimidating and made me feel comfortable with it. I really needed that because having never dealt with anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect.

The process is long but it actually went faster than it would have without Kevin’s help. Kevin was there for me throughout, when I was often a wreck. Being in the courtroom with him in front of a judge (another first for me in my life), was much less intimidating I than I had anticipated. The judge was compassionate and nice, as well.

I believe God blessed me with Kevin Dugan, who added peace and calmness to my life at a very difficult and stressful time. I deeply appreciate everything he did for me and pray, Kevin, that God smiles on you and your loved ones daily, and shows you the same favor you’ve given me, thru my storm.”

Michelle, Margate, Florida

It was the BEST thing I did to go with Mr. Dugan for my ss claim. I can not say enough positive about this attorney. He always got back to me no later then 24 hrs with any questions or concerns I had. I had a hearing coming up and Mr. Dugan sent my claim in to be reviewed and a hopeful approval before my hearing date and YES it happened. I can go on about him being a GOD send to me and I promise you will NOT be disappointed to have him for your ss attorney. Thank You Mr. Dugan for being mine!

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I had the great pleasure of being represented by Mr Dugan ( a prior SS judge) I had a very unusual issue with Social Security and no other attorney was willing to take the time or had the knowledge to help. Mr Dugan was professional, honest, and compassionate about my problem. Due to his knowledge and help SS is now looking into what several people believe is a huge mistake. I have dealt with many attorneys both through my prior job with the county and personally. The best one I have had the pleasure of working with is Mr Dugan. I believe if you hire another attorney you would not be hiring the best that is out there!

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Kevin was the only atty that was doing the kind of case I needed—to challenge the nit-wits at the social security disability office. We took the alleged overpayment of benefits case before an ALJ and as much the judge disliked me, WE WON, THEY LOST! During the hearing Mr Dugan presented the case quite clearly and every time the judge got off on a tangent, Mr. Dugan steered her back to reality and fact, IN WRITING!

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Mr. Dugan gave the same answers as all the others but, i could understand his train of thought. he was able to break things down for me. all the lawyers gave basically the same answers but, Mr. Dougan took it one step at a time which works best for me. where as the others kind of gave me too much info too fast. to where i didn’t know where to start. i liked the way Mr. Dugan broke the problem down into sections.

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